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We, The Knights of Malta, Sovereign State offer our Condolences to the family and People of Great Briton on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty led her people with grace, demonstrating what servant-leadership means in principle and in practice.
May she Rest in Peace. May God Bless HM Q Elizabeth II
Sir James Angleton, Grand Prior, Ambassador US/UN/Western, Hemisphere, KMFAP

KOM Queen Elizabeth 1 WEB
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His Excellency, Highness Prince Jose responds to confusion by Vatican dissolving the Order of Malta and its Constitution.


Announcement from Ambassador, Sir James Angleton, Grand Prior.

“We, the Knights of Malta, Sovereign State, US/UN declare we have no lineage with the now, defunct and dissolved Order of Malta for Roman Catholics. We serve the People of the World and are Centuries older than the Vatican Group. Not to be confused, we acknowledge the Decree as set for by Magisterial House and His Excellency Prince Jose. Please direct your query to:

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More children are going hungry in Haiti

Knights of Malta (US) Sovereign State. Federation of Autonomous Priories of St.John Needs your help.
Haiti’s children are starving
$50.00 per donation will be enough to buy food or medicine to underserved citizenry of Haiti. Knights Mission: Feed the People of Haiti. All cards to be hand delivered by faith based organizations approved by Knights of Malta, UN and USAID. We also offer Paypal for secured donating and will provide tax donation letter.

Read more here:

KOM-8-22-22 Haiti 1
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25th Annual Haitian Summer Institute Lecture Series with Jhon Charles
Knights of Malta, Sovereign State, endorse and sponsor Haitian Development Improvements. We invite you to join us. Register today

25th Annual Haitian Summer Institute Lecture Series WEB Upoad
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On this day, The Knights & Dames of Malta (US), Sovereign State, wish all Happy Independence Day.
We bow our head with reverence to those who have served but did not come home alive. We offer our crisp salute and firm handshake to those who lead the way with honor. God Bless America and our KMFAP (US) Priory.

KOM July 4 Upload
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Endorsed by Knights of Malta (US), Sovereign State for our Diplomats, Special Envoys and Knights/Dames

KOM Upload 4-28-22 Upload 2
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KOM Easter Messsage 2022 site
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Passover Messsage 2022 psd
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Migration in the Americas: The Workings of Collective Hope

3.31.22 Migration Conference

Knights of Malta (US), Sovereign State, endorse this program as part of our Hemispheric state of Migration. We encourage all Diplomats and Special Envoys to take part and have a deeper understanding of our world immigration shift.

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Knights of Malta (US) Need Your Help WithUkrainian War Refugees Emergency Fund Cards

Knights of Malta (US) Sovereign State are raising funds to provide #Ukrainians entering the #Polish Border with our Emergency Fund Cards. Your kind donation will be deposited at United Police FCU @lockbox account whereby #Visa will load Prepaid Cards $250.00 and $500.00. CLick on link below and use PayPal to donate money helping Ukrainians fleeing from #putinwarcrimes. When you see families, children who have not eaten, no toys to play with and parents with nothing but dispair and concern on their faces…we The Knights of Malta offer Humanitarian Help.
USAID United Nations European Commission The White House #Money4Ukrainians #StopPutin #Unprovocated


KOM WEB 3-21-221 UPLOAD 1 UKRAINE 2 copy
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Knights of Malta (US) Endorse this Event. We hope our Diplomats, Special Envoys can attend and take part in this series

Knights & Dames are invited to register and attend via video conference, the 7th annual Hemispheric Conference. All Diplomats, Special Envoys are encouraged to take part and enjoy the briefing plus data disseminated.
We Endorse this program and in our 7th year promoting awareness globally.
Open to all The KMFAP, US, Sovereign State and KMFAP Contact Sir James for details.
Grand Prior, Grand Priory FL. USA


Hemispheric Security Conference
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KOM AEGIS New Years 2022 -3 copy
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Knights of Malta (US) Endorsed Classes.
Registration is now open

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Knights of Malta (US) Endorsed Classes.
Registration is now open

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KOM HAnukkah 2021 web-1wide

The Knights of Malta US extends its warmest wishes to all for a happy Hanukkah

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“Congratulations Commander Barresi. Knights of Malta (US) are very proud of your global achievements” 

To read more on the career of this outstanding expert in financial services and listen to his podcast interview, follow link below:


Commander Barresi
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Knights of Malta (US) Members helping US Citizens leave Haiti

Knights of Malta (US) Members helping US Citizens leave the Country. Our intelligence is warning that more civil unrest is coming and that the leadership may possibly fall to the Military or others waiting in the Wings


upload 11-9 web
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Knights of Malta (US) proudly announces a New Mission to Colombia


Getting ready to set another #US & #Colombia #Trade #Mission. If you are a #Florida or #US Registered Business and represent:

- Coffee Industry
- Bank & Trade Finance
- Seafood
- Flowers & Florist Products
- Legal Trade Agreements w/Cross Border Experience
- Bison & Ranching
- Apparel Manufacturing, Stitching, Sewing, Cotton

With our otherour Partners.
U.S. Department of Commerce Enterprise Florida Medical Trade de Colombia SPORT TRADE COLOMBIA Trade In Colombia

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A Proud Moment as Florida Knight is recognized as one of Florida’s top 500 business men

Michael T. Fay... Principal and Managing Director, Miami; Chairman US Capital Markets Executive Committee, Avison Young, Miami.
Michael was knighted as a knight of Malta last year and recently completed diplomacy School

Microsoft Word - Document1

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Knights of Malta responds to assistance to bring them back

#President Joe Biden
The White House , United States Senate , US Congress , United Nations , UN Human Rights Office Geneva Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Central Intelligence Agency Europol INTERPOL European Commission
We, The Knights of Malta (US) are offering our assistance by the recovery, alive and in good health, to intercede with the return of #17Americans #Hostages in #Haiti. No kidnapping money will change hands. We know this corrupt government is not going to assist and you are not being effective. Each day that goes by, 17 American Missionaries are held in extremely bad conditions, not being fed in accordance with minimum standards. Your methods are not making appropriate recovery an option. We will help free from fee, free from political brinksmanship and agenda., we can help.
NBC News ABC News CBS News BBC News
The Wall Street Journal Bloomberg LP Miami Herald USA TODAY

People protest for the release of kidnapped missionaries near the missionaries' headquarters in Titanyen, north of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021. A group of 17 U.S. missionaries including children was kidnapped by a gang in Haiti on Saturday, Oct. 16, according to a voice message sent to various religious missions by an organization with direct knowledge of the incident. (AP Photo/Joseph Odelyn)

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All Knights of Malta, (US), Sovereign State are required to take part in this Diplomatic Training Course.
Those seeking Diplomacy admission need to make arrangements via the Florida Prior. Many Knights & Dames have successfully completed this outstanding course

For more detailed information on course, please click below:

Diplomatic Upload Web 10-10

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haiti kids KOM Site 2

Knights of Malta (US) Emergency Disaster Relief Prepaid Debit Card Program is asking for your help. We are issuing $50.00 and $100.00 Card via Faith Base in Haiti and free from Administration Fees. Please help a child have access to food and medicine.


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Knights of Malta (US) preparing early for the 2021 hurricane season
& we need your help

KOM-NEWS-hurricane Only

#Hurricane are coming to the Caribbean & US. The #Knights of #Malta (US) have activated our #Emergency #Disaster #Relief #Funds. #Donate with complete confidence that: #Unbanked, #Underserved, #Homeless, #Single #Parents have enough funds to
exit, shelter in place but have enough #Food, #Water & #Supplies. No monetary gift is too small. Visit: www.knightsofmaltausorg and help donate using our partner #Paypal to make a donation for funds loaded onto our #DebitCard. No crazy fees, $25.00 to $2,500
accepted. Faith Based delivered. Receive our thank you receipt and know your gift of love is being expressed and delivered to all in need.

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For direct donations to help hurricane victims via faith based local organizations…please donate now

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The Knights of Malta (US), Sovereign State endorse and recommend these excellent workshops for interested Knights & Dames. We sponsor internships, informational programs for students interested in the Intelligence, Security and Law Enforcement Career

KOM 9-9-21 Upload 1 SITE 2

Join us for our National Security Workshop series where we introduce students to the various agencies that shape our Intelligence Community and strengthen our national security. Each information session features an interactive lecture on internships and career opportunities led by special agents and intelligence officers.

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KOM 9-9-21 Upload 2 BANNER
1 FBI Logo

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
Wednesday, September 15  |  3:00 - 5:00PM

2 Homeland Security Logo

Homeland Security Investigations
Wednesday, October 13  |  2:00 - 3:15 PM

3 National Counter Terror Logo

National Counterterrorism Center
Thursday, October 21

4 National Geospacial Logo

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Wednesday, October 27  |  3 - 5 PM

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James Miami

Knights of Malta (US), Florida Priori meet with new City of Miami Police Chief.
A meeting welcoming our new Police Chief Art Acevedo was attended by Sir Hector Mirabile (also Ret. Major Miami PD & Col. National Guard) and Ambassador, Sir James Angleton presented the Knights of Malta Stirling Silver Coin (and currency) to the Chief during their hour and half long meeting. New lines of communications and channels were created along with the bond of friendship ensuring our Community is Safe and Secure.

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Help Knights of Malta (US) provide money for our Emergency Relief Disaster Card to help these poor people of Haiti, overwhelmed by the recent devastating earthquake, acquire food and desperately needed medications.
These cards are distributed via faith base and NOT the Government.

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Knights of Malta (US) provides Business Diplomacy and Commercial Diplomacy assisting small businesses with supply solutions.

• New Global Banking Introductions
• Trade & Commerce routes and enhanced Revenue Programs
• Meet Global Procurement Directors and increase business/product awareness

KOM Upload 8-10-21 SITE
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Knights of Malta (US) Trade & Commerce Diplomacy now open to receive Special Requests from our previous Trade Missions: Africa & Colombia. Several Companies did not have enough time to conclude their final presentations and purchase orders. Due to poor wealth and challenging communications, we reopen the Commerce Requests for conclusion to initial Trade Talks. We are ready to help you finalize your business agreements.
Reach out to

KOM U[load 7-9-21 2
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The Grand Priori of Florida wishes to extend its best wishes to all for a safe & joyous Independence Day, 2021. May you celebrate as you wish and in good spirits, and God Bless America.

happy-independence-day-1 Upload
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Happy Fathers Day Knights,
The Grand Priori of Florida extends its best wishes to you. May you celebrate as you wish and in good spirits. God Speed. 

KOM Fathers Day Image C2
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Memorial Day 2

We, The Knight of Malta (US) reserve this special day of remembrance for those who have valiantly served our Arm Forces. Some made it back, were in harm’s way and wounded for life. Others were not so lucky and their family members suffer the loss daily. We dedicate this space to all of those who have served our Military, Veterans and offer a crisp salute in your honor. God Bless America and our mighty Military, Silent IC Members and LEO’s

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We, The Knights of Malta (US) KMFAP, are proud to have knighted Father & Son,
a first for the Florida Priory.

The Knights of Malta (US) KMFAP, are proud to knight Father & Son, a first for the Florida Priory.

Having been found worthy of Knighthood, we have conferred and let it be known that:

H.E. Sir Ernesto Cambo & H.E. Sir Anthony Cambo

have met the prescribed requirements and bestow this distinguished honor of being Knighted on the same day. Sir Ernesto has also fulfilled the Diplomatic Education at the Washington International Diplomat Academy for his future assignments and representations globally for our Trade & Commerce Missions. We welcome them both, may God continue to bless this family. By the grace of Prince Jose & Sir George Popper, PM, KMFAP, a strong embrace, firm handshake is extended.




Sir Ernesto Cambo & Sir Anthony Cambo

Ernesto & Anthony Cambo Upload 2
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The Knights of Malta (US) announces conferring Knighthood to most worthy individuals that will enjoy the benefits of KMFAP

Sir Steve Farah Upload 1

Sir Steve Farah

The Knights of Malta (US) announces we have conferred Knighthood to most worthy individuals that have been Knighted and will enjoy the benefits of KMFAP

Therefore, as the Grand Prior, Ambassador US/UN I hereby welcome and bestow upon Steve Farah who will now will be addressed and known as:H.E. Sir Steve Farah.
Sir Steve is well regarded in his field of Computer Software, Design Architecture for the global Financial Industry. His Godfather is H.E. Sir John Ziglar of Orlando, FL. May they carry forward the blessings from Prince Jose and Sir George Popper, Prime Minister.
The Knights of Malta (US) have also conferred Rodney Barreto.
We find him to be most worthy of this recognition. In accordance with the cannons of St. John, we have bestowed the title and honor: Sir Rodney Barreto, and shall be, forever forward, a Citizen of our Sovereign State and a distinguished Knight for the Grand Priory of Florida, United States of America / KMFAP.
Sir Rodney has been sponsored to attend the Washington International Diplomatic Academy and we hold hope his leadership skillsets will carry him through his duties in accordance with the KMFAP Mission Statement.



Sir Rodney Barreto Upload 1

Sir Rodney Barreto

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KOM St. Vinc. Volcano Relief SITE 2 UPLOAD

Tens of thousands flee volcanic eruption on St. Vincent island as this human tragedy unfolds

The Knights of Malts U.S. have activated our Emergency Disaster Relief Program accepting donations of funds that will be loaded onto our Disaster Cards and that we will issue in $100-500, distributed via faith based organizations.
We will also be initiating our Emergency Medical Flight Assistance Evacuation program once we know the level of devastation and harm this event has onthis agriculturally based community .
Thank You

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KOM HFC Conference May 17 FB UPLOAD 4
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Knights of Malta (US) announces its a new Mission to Thailand

KOMMission Art 4 Sm SITE UPLOAD 2
Knights of Malta (US) #Announcing #Mission #Thailand for January 2022. We proudly represent #US & #FL based businesses and invite all interested Enterprises representing: #apparelproduction , #buildingmaterialsupplier , #modularhomes , #sportsandgolf , #musicproductions , #appareldesign , #scienceandtechnology #autoparts #ceramictile #carpetdesign #USproducts, #legalcompliance and we welcome #Banks, #Lawfirms taking part in this program. Visit us at to learn more about Mission Thailand
State of Florida West Coast FL Enterprises, Inc. Enterprise Florida South Lake Chamber of Commerce (Clermont, FL) Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Miami-Dade County Florida Purchasing Group U.S. Economic Development Administration US Department of Commerce, NTIA US ECONOMIC RESEARCH US Enterprises US Trading Enterprise Corp American Trade Partnership LLC American Trade Company LLC American Trade Center PwC Thailand KPMG Thailand Thailand Trade Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand BMBETCL The Best Multiple Business Enterprises Thailand U.S. Department of State Thai Airways International Thailand Elite Florida League of Cities #business #commerce #competition
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Many Knights, Dames & Postulants successfully passed the Washington International Diplomacy Academy earning their Certificate in Diplomacy

The Knights of Malta (US) are pleased to announce that the graduating class for 2021 of the Washington International Diplomatic Academy certified many of our Knights & Dames from the United States of America, Mozambique and Turkey for Executive Diplomacy Training. Each Knight & Dame received Diplomatic Training in the following areas:


-National & Global Diplomacy Systems
-Diplomatic Protocol
-Diplomatic Communication
-Interagency Foreign Policy Process
-Managing a Diplomatic Mission
-Political Tradecraft & Diplomatic Advocacy
-Diplomatic Reporting & Analysis
-Public Diplomacy

-Economic Tradecraft &
Commercial Diplomacy
-Science & Health Diplomacy
-Consular Affairs
-Crisis-Management Abroad
-Cyber Diplomacy
-Cross-Cultural Communication
-Diplomatic Negotiation
-Multilateral Diplomacy

Please contact us to learn more about The Knights of Malta Business Diplomacy and our Foreign Affairs Business Diplomatic Programs. Commerce & Trade Missions to Africa are sold out, Colombia & Mexico limited Business Applications Available. Join us, we promote #US, #Florida Businesses providing products to these regions.
Miami-Dade County City of Miami State of Florida Enterprise Florida Florida International University Florida State University Cody McCloud

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The people of Texas are in desperate need of our assistance..
Knights of Malta (US) is asking for your Financial Donation to help those affected by the latest storms

Texas Freeze SITE UPLOAD 2

Please help sponsor an affected individual or family devastated by Texas Freezing Storms.

Life Community Enrichment, a Knights of Malta (US) approved 501C3 of Plano, Texas, disburses secure Emergency Disaster Relief Cards from $25.00 to $250.00 through the faiths based Orgs. Used to buy: food, Meds, heating units and more.

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We regret to report that the father of Sir Michael Fay has passed away.

He was appointed Judge for the Southern District of Florida by President Gerald Ford in 1976. For more than 5 decades, he served with humility, deep sense of personal faith and a legacy that makes our Knight, most proud.

To see obituary from Prince José, click link below:

Judge Peter Thorp Fay obituary | Knights Of Malta

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Knights of Malta (US) proudly announces our
Foreign Affairs & Commerce Trade Mission

KOMMission Art 4 Sm SITE UPLOAD 2

Knights of Malta (US) proudly announce our Foreign Affairs & Commerce Trade Mission to:
#Africa, #Colombia, #Mexico (Covid restrictions apply in which case this will become Virtual Sessions) this Summer.
Our purpose is to offer worldwide assistance, uplifting programs and helping underserved citizenry with advancements to meet today’s challenges, while promoting #US & #FL Based Products, Services and introductions to Military, LE & Private Security for Training and Weaponry Products via the Enterprise FL Program.
We invite: Global Bankers, EXIM Representatives, Building Material Manufacturers, Drone & Technology Representatives, Underserved Housing Programs, Energy Contractors specializing in Solar-Wind-Oil/Gas, Hospital/Medical, Education Providers and Transportation. Our goals are to introduce worthy and vetted Providers to offer services for each Country.

Mutual Trade with: Buyers, Services Needed and Products Provisional to each Country. Please send us your message of interest and our Consulate Officers will respond with organizational information.

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Join The OSS Society for a very special event with two leading figures from the national security community: Secretary James Mattis and The Honorable Michael Vickers

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Knights of Malta (US)  sponsor and endorse this US /Washington DC International Diplomatic Course.

As we grow worldwide and establish new Embassies it is incumbent upon our Diplomats to receive proper education to serve accordingly.  Please follow this link and register.

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Seasons’s Greetings from the KMFAP Grand Master and Head of the State 

Besides being the most important festivity for the Christians, Christmas has become for all people of all religions, and even for the non believers, the festivity dedicated to the Family and the New Year, in accordance with the globally accepted calendar, has become for all the Festivity of the Hope, hope in a good, fruitful and prosperous new year to come, therefore, in this so significant Season I would like to present to all of our Knights, Dames, Squires, Damsels and Humanitarian Work Volunteers, my warmest heartfelt greetings.
This Year, due to the COVID 19 pandemic that will tragically mark the year 2020 forever as a dark year, we will all be forced to live this Festive Season very differently from the way that we have lived all the previous ones, this time in the absence of many of those we love, either part of our families or many of our true friends, however we must remember that Absence is for Love what the Wind is for the Fire: if it is small it will soon be extinguished, but if it is big it will become bigger and stronger, so may the forced absence of your loved ones contribute to make bigger and strong your love for them, and may the Hope for a prosperous 2021 be stronger, now that we see closer the light at the end of the dark tunnel of 2020 in the form of the new vaccines against this terrible pandemic.



We must not expect to go back to what our World was before the pandemic, instead we must all do our best to make of the World to come after COVID 19, a much better World than what it was before.
Dear Knights, Dames, Squires, Damsels and Volunteers, two things are important in this Festive Season, one that you must not forget and one that you must always remember:
- You must not forget that the spirit of Christmas is not about having beautiful lights outside, but it is all about having beautiful light in your hearts.
- You must always remember all those who have no house, no food, no love, no company and no Peace, in this Season while you are in the comfort and warmth of your houses, among some of your loved ones, having a good supper in Peace. Remember them because they are our brothers and sisters too, remember them because they are and they have been our reason to exist as a sovereign hospitaller knightly Order for almost one thousand years.
Seasons's Greetings to all
H.E.H. José, Prince
KMFAP Grand Master and Head of the State

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Knights of Malta (US) are proudly endorses this program

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Knights of Malta (US) are proudly endorses this program

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Knights of Malta (US) are proudly endorses this program

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The Knights of Malta (US) at Knights Range Day.

Knights, Dames, Postulants, Friends & Family convened at the Miami Dade Police Range on October 24th, 2020.
A great day of classes, tactical lessons and camaraderie including a catered luncheon with fellow Knights, Dames & Family

Contact for information on future range events and receive your official invitation

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Global Business Diplomacy & "J" for Jobs Program uplifting our World

The Knights of Malta, Sovereign State, in conjunction with the US Commerce Department, Western Hemisphere Trade Associations and Global Trade & Finance Ministries recognize how fragile our World has become and offer many new programs designed to help uplift and foster worthy Economic Programs to restore vitality for each Country and Region.

Miami, FL The Knights of Malta (US) Ministry for Foreign Affairs & International Trade Development

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Dear Knights and Dames,
We present the FEMERAID Guide for Safe Travelling...
The Medical Team of our FEMERAID International Air Rescue Service felt the need to reinforce the message regarding the procedures that travellers must observe in order to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 contamination during their journeys, so please take good note of the following instructions, which can be found be clicking on the following link:

Have a safe travel, and stay healthy!
KMFAP Secretariat

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Proudly Endorsed by Knights of Malta (US) we support the CTC at West Point

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Join the Knights of Malta (US) at Knights
Range Day.

We will convene at the Miami Dade Police Range on October 24th and 2 classes will administer the official US Concealed Weapon Carry Class. Learn to shoot, take the class and be finger printed, application completed, photograph for License. NRA,
Tactical Lessons, and introduction to USCCA for must-have Conceal Carry License Insurance and legal defense coverage. Class 1 at 9am to noon. Wait for a great catered luncheon and with fellow Knights, Dames & Family Members from 18yo. Second Class at 1 to
3. Goodie-bags, Knight Shirts and other great gifts. Chance to win several unique hand guns and long rifles. All inclusive price. Range Master on hand for those who have CCW Licenses to help improve shooting skills. All Ammo will be included. Private use ammo
is welcomed. We will offer this class and Knight/Dame Classes 2 times a year. Send your interest and receive your official invitation. Open to Knights & Dames + Families first. Postulants are welcome and will be included.

Girl Gun 1 Upload
Target 2 upload