Hurricane Beryl dealt Caribbean economies massive blow, says UN.
It may take years to recover. Knights of Malta (US) Sovereign State. Federation of Autonomous Priories of St.John @Envoys already attending to Emergency Delivery Flights of: Generic Meds, Diapers, Infant Formula, Clothes, Water/Life-Straws, Emergency Cash Cards and will be delivered via Faith Base to ensure proper delivery and all items in the hands of needy. To help donate, visit and let’s help our neighbors of the Caribbean restore, rebuild back to Economic Vitality. Contact D/M Ambassador James Angleton, Grand Prior US/FL to offer assistance.

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For over 900 years, The Knights of Malta has provided humanitarian assistance in 120 countries and diplomatic relations with 104 countries.
This succinct chronic recalls some of the principal events that have contributed to the historic evolution of the Order, from its origins up to the present.
Our unique products are sourced worldwide and custom ordered exclusively for The Knights of Malta. Purchased via donation, all items are custom made and subject to availability. Proceeds of donations go to emergency disaster relief programs.
Due to the custom nature of all items, Knights of Malta Products have No Return, No Refund policy
The Knights of Malta are renowned for their Humanitarian Efforts. All donations are paid directly to the Charitable Organizations listed herein or your choice. All payments are safe, cyber secure. and tax deductible.


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The Knights of Malta (US) are comprised of outstanding Men and Women representing all Religious Faiths with exemplary reputations worthy of knighthood. We believe it is incumbent upon us all to help those in need and times of disaster. We solicit your donation to the most trusted and dedicated Organizations by directing your gift free from other party percentage surcharges. You will receive the official tax deduction certificate from the organization of your choice. We were dishearten to learn that some groups take up to 40% gross fees for administration and only reward the directed Organization up to 60%. If you have a recommendation to add another Not-for-Profit onto our Organization Chart, please contact us. Knights of Malta (US) do not send tax deductible receipts as we do not collect your donation. We have endorsed PayPal as our trusted Agent to collect and send all gifts directly.
Knights of Malta (US) provide Commerce & Business Diplomacy and more information can be found above. You can trust a Diplomat Knight to utilize our case-by-case services as needed. We uphold all laws and cross-border regulations. Our Representation for your Corporation, Business, Government or Agency can expect proper fiduciary, privacy, experience and trust.
Welcome to The Knights of Malta (US).
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