Knights of Malta Commerce & Business Diplomacy

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For a working Knight of Malta, many are active and retired Business Executives that have earned the distinction as a Business Diplomat. We take pride mentoring others and for some, it is a paid position and for others it is offered as a complementary service. There are two distinctions of Diplomacy within these areas that we will focus upon. Business Diplomacy and Commercial Diplomacy.

Our brands of diplomacy offer a unique look at the professions and in certain cases are specialized in nature. Some deal with International Law, Accounting, Banking, Cyber Security, Business Modeling and other areas that are case by case.

Diplomacy, both commercial and business are offered to assist the request as presented. Some is a form of Appeal to Higher Authority and others are to help foster change and bring about newness that is often missing. Diplomacy is global in nature and no longer merely conducting business in your community. Your client can be located thousands of miles away and in different time zones. Professional assistance is met by having a Knight of Malta located in the immediate location that can assist your business needs or meet your objectives.

Business and Commercial Diplomacy also interacts with Government Regulations, Borders, Negotiations of Business and Commerce or tariffs / taxes on Imports. We often refer to EXIM and Global Bank connections to assist the needs of Clients and Knights. Our Ambassadors, Special Envoys, Foreign Ministers and Business Members cover a wide range and variety of services.
Business and Commercial Diplomacy also delves into research, analysis of opportunities, advocacy, building consensus or coalitions into new relationships that can last forever.

Some of the tools for our brand of Business and Commercial Diplomacy include:
• Webinars, Speech’s and Award Presenters
• Stakeholder Meetings, Mergers & Acquisition Consulting and Trade Memorandums
• Memo’s of Understanding, Bank Introductions and Consulting
• Humanitarian Letter Campaigns, Official Relationship Interaction
• White Paper Studies, Solutions, Cryptocurrency, Unbanked and Underserved Services
• Disaster Relief Fund raising, Board of Director Mentorship and Guidance
• Advocacy training and guidance
• Military, Law Enforcement, Immigration, Compliance Consulting
• Business Experience Consulting and more

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