Mission Participation Request / Colombia

Knights of Malta (US) proudly announce our Foreign Affairs & Commerce Trade Mission to:
#US & #Colombia #Trade #Mission. If you are a #Florida or #US Registered Business.
Our purpose is to offer worldwide assistance, uplifting programs and helping underserved citizenry with advancements to meet today’s challenges, while promoting #US & #FL Based Products, Services and introductions to Military, LE & Private Security for Training and Weaponry Products via the Enterprise FL Program.
We invite: Global Bankers, EXIM Representatives, Building Material Manufacturers, Drone & Technology Representatives, Underserved Housing Programs, Energy Contractors specializing in Solar-Wind-Oil/Gas, Hospital/Medical, Education Providers and Transportation. Our goals are to introduce worthy and vetted Providers to offer services for each Country.
Mutual Trade with: Buyers, Services Needed and Products Provisional to each Country. Please send us your message of interest and our Consulate Officers will respond with organizational information.

Please fill out contact form below indicating desired level & nature of your participation.
A representative will contact you shortly… Thanks & All the best.

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