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Knights of Malta (US) are proud and Congratulate Sir Michael Fay awarded one of Florida’s most influential Business Leaders. Well done Sir Michael. 

Michael Fay 2 UPLOAD
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Congratulations to our newest Knights & Dames from this investiture.

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Hurricane Season is early and very active.
Knights of Malta (US) needs your Financial Donation to prepare help for others.

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#Hurricane coming to the Caribbean & US this weekend. The #Knights of #Malta (US) have activated our #Emergency #Disaster #Relief #Funds. #Donate with complete confidence that: #Unbanked, #Underserved, #Homeless, #Single #Parents  have enough funds to
exit, shelter in place but have enough #Food, #Water & #Supplies. No monetary gift is too small. Visit: www.knightsofmaltausorg and help donate using our partner #Paypal to make a donation for funds loaded onto our #DebitCard. No crazy fees, $25.00 to $2,500
accepted. Faith Based delivered. Receive our thank you receipt and know your gift of love is being expressed and delivered to all in need.

For direct donations to help hurricane victims via faith based local organizations…please donate now

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Lewis Alias Article HEADER PLACE WEB
Lewis Alias Article IMAGE PLACE WEB
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5th Ann HFC Conference 1 UPLOAD

Knights of Malta (US) are proud to endorse this program held at FIU South Campus.

Florida International University’s 5th Annual Hemispheric Security Conference (HSC) will be held online May 18 - 22. Hosted by the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy and the Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center, the annual security conference will stream live and be available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

For the past four years, the HSC has been a successful daylong conference at FIU, bringing together over government representatives, academics and industry leaders. This year’s HSC has evolved into a series of virtual discussions on the most prevailing security threats facing the Western Hemisphere.
The conference is free and open to the public. For more information and to register for the 5th Annual Hemispheric Security Conference, please visit

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An important message from Prince Jose of Malta honoring the Knights of St. John and our Grand Priory of Florida

Proudly recognizing the great work The Knights of Malta (US) Priory is doing, with all hands on deck and serving our immediate Community as well as Nationally.

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Commissioner Sir Jose Pepe Diaz
Elderly Gent
Elderly Lady

The Knights of Malta (US) Priory is doing great work and all hands are on deck serving our immediate Community and Nationally.

Many have seen our Social Media Notices that we offer online sales of KN95 and 3 Ply Masks at under retail prices. Special mention goes to Sir Thomas Kato, Commander, who heads the Asia Mask initiative. Hope you all remain safe, secure and healthy. Soon, #MaskUpMiami and #MaskupAmerica will be rolled out. We cannot stress the importance for those to please wear a mask and gloves plus distance from others.
Depicted here is Commissioner, Sir Jose “Pepe” Diaz going door to door handing out masks to the elderly and has made a huge impact keeping those who do not have resources (or friends) to send/give masks.

These were donated by the Knights of Malta (US) and he is a perfect example of a Knight.

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Knights of Malta (US) is offering, for Public Service use, 3 ply face masks

Manufactured in Sterile Environments.
No Child Labor, FDA & CE Certified Materials-Masks-Factories

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Knights of Malta masks are manufactured in Sterile Environments.
No Child Labor, FDA & CE Certified Materials-Masks-Factories

We provide KN95 Certified Masks and
work directly with:
Government, Law Enforcement, Hospitals, Communities, IC, Military and Corporations

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Corona 4 UPLOAD B

Answering calls for: N 95, KN 95, Level III Gowns, Gloves, Face Masks, Ventilators in large quantities are being shipped priority delivery/ or mail. No middleman fees and all orders up to $100k can be accepted on our website via credit card.

Knights of Malta (US) do not accept product liability, recourse, general liability what so ever. We are providing a replenishment service during times of emergency duress. This is what Knights of Malta does for you. Orders and shipments while supplies last. 50% must be paid in advance to secure your order and balance upon receipt. 

Contact: to discuss larger Emergency Orders.

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The Knights of Malta (US) is working closely with the US Government, Military, Law Enforcement, Communities, Hospitals, Insurance Cos., Banks by providing direct shipment of: Face Masks, Face Shields, Gloves, Full Body Suits, Foot covers, Disinfectant and other materials.

Corona 3 KOM UPLOAD 1

Today, these US Government Agencies and Bureau received 40,000 Masks Emergency Supplies to keep those on the front line safe.This is what we do and bypass obstacles that others cannot overcome. Our Sovereign State makes a difference and pleased to help.  Thank you, Commander Thomas Kato, Ambassador Sir James Angleton, Jr., Grand Prior FL and Postulant (future Knight) Mr. Michael Kesti for making this happen.

KOM-NEWS-Mask Upload 2

Next week, Lady Gail Hubert from Life Community Enrichment will lead our National Initiative: “Knights of Malta Emergency Disaster Card”. Your donation, free from fees via PayPal or direct will be loaded onto Debit Cards and given to Virus Infected Single Mothers, Children, Veterans and Citizenry hit hard by this Virus. Please help us help others. Together, we can beat this Virus.

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We are pleased to share a portion of The Knights of Malta (US) Induction Ceremony Video held at the Ancient Spanish Monastery HQ in Miami, FL.

To view complete video, click here: The Knights of Malta (US) Induction Ceremony Video

Many Knighted as Knights and Dames, as Ladies. Celebrating 111 Years of KMFAP in the United States of America lead by Grand Prior, Ambassador, Sir James Angleton, Jr.” 

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Knights of Malta (US) utilizes its resources to locate and distribute more than one million proper masks for protection from Coronavirus.

KOM-NEWS-Mask Upload 2

Proper Masks are becoming harder to find. Knights of Malta (US) utilized resources to locate more than one million proper masks for protection from Virus. It’s what we do and never stop helping those in need.

Crates of Masks UPLOAD
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Join us on May 20, 2020 for the 5th Annual Hemispheric Security Conference

HSC Save the Date 2020. UPLOAD

This annual daylong conference features experts from academia, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and private sectors who converge to examine the most pressing security challenges facing the Western Hemisphere.

Endorsed by Knights of Malta (US) we hope to see you there.
Contact with your interest.

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The Knights of Malta (US) held a Knighting Ceremony this weekend at our US headquarters, the Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach, FL

KOM-Jimmy & Crew-1

Due to the many wonderful Knights & Dames, the Florida Priory was elevated to Grand Priory and James Angleton was named Grand Prior for the State of Florida.

KOM- Big Crew-1

To read and see more, click here:

The Knights of Malta (US) held a Knighting Ceremony this weekend. Hosting many meetings, dinners, luncheons, breakfasts and conferences.
Prince Jose Cosmelli & Princess Isabel came from Valetta, Malta to Officiate, Prime Minister, General Sir George Popper and Lady Popper came from Hungry to Co-Officiate this Investiture.
Also discussed, with the CoB, CEO, President for Hard Rock International, a $5B new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to be constructed with the cooperation of the Government of Malta.

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IKOM 2-8-20 Upload FINAL 3

The Knights of Malta (US) endorse
and plan to attend this
Tradewinds Commerce Mission.

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Both Femeraid International Air Rescue Service and the recently set up Isolation Unit of Femeraid International Ambulance Service are ready and able to join the fight against Wuhan coronavirus and other life threatening conditions by the means of 2 state of the art Isolation Chambers, one of them is stationed in Malta and the other is stationed in Angola.

Knights of Malta worldwide working to eliminate one of the worst virus’s that is spread Human to Human. Knights of Malta (US) are proud of our brothers and share the dedication to help provide resources to stop this from spreading.

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Knights of Malta (US) are proud to endorse this program held at FIU South Campus.

For those interested please register directly and hope you are enlightened and find this presentation informative. Each Month, we will offer to you a thought provoking and informative update plus Global perspective for: Business & Commerce, Finance, Sovereignty of State, Human Smuggling, Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Community, Banking, Legal space and more.

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Knights of Malta (US) requesting your help w/donations benefitting the affected people of Puerto Rico from the latest earthquake.


Two strong aftershocks collapsed homes and cracked walls in Puerto Rico on Friday as the Caribbean island tried to recover from its worst earthquake in more than a century.


Please read this link to the latest information and how this Island that has hit 4 times by devastating Hurricanes and 3 earthquakes w/many aftershocks... We ask you donate via our partners at PayPal to load funds on Life Enrichment Cards that are issued via Faith Based Organizations in PR.

To read more click here:

For direct donations to help the people of Puerto Rico via faith based local organizations…please donate now

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The Knights of Malta (US) are collecting funds to send the Australian Fire Disaster Funds to support feeding the wild Animals that have been collected
and are receiving medical attention


Please visit our Donor page and make a small donation via our PayPal Partner whereby funds will be directed to Australia Wild Resources to help defray Costs. Besides helping Mankind, Knights take care of Gods Animals. We are sure you have seen the news and media coverage regarding the wildfires. Delighted to report 13 people have been detained and deemed responsible for setting these fires. Please help with our thanks and appreciation. God Speed


For direct donations to the people of Puerto Rico via faith based local organizations…please donate now

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The Knights of Malta (US) endorse and work with World Access Project

Knights of Malta (US)” support the World Access Project and member Sir James works closely within the Western Hemisphere to foster awareness and help uplift to the benefit of all.

World Access graphic 2

If your Company, Business, Professional Industry is interested in Cross Border initiatives, send us a message and let’s collaborate to help others.

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Maltese Cross on Knight of Malta flag in Trajan Forum, Rome

Knights of Malta (US) Business Diplomacy provides US Corporations & Businesses with Global Business Diplomacy & Business Intelligence for proper Decision Making

Report to Congress on U.S. Role in the World


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Ambassador, Sir James Angleton takes part in the Critical Technologies & Intelligence Summit at FIU

Discussion surrounded cyber threats worldwide and emerging threats to the Public.

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Tropical Storm Imelda bought disaster and death to southeast Texas.The people of Texas are in desperate need of our assistance.

Imelda 1

A preliminary total of 43.15 inches from the storm was measured in Jefferson County.

Stranded motorists and residents wading in chest-deep floodwaters

Imelda Water People

In Texas, Tropical Depression Imelda made landfall south of Houston, bringing flash floods. It’s the region’s worst rainstorm since Hurricane Harvey dumped an estimated 33 trillion gallons of water on Texas two years ago.

Imelda Rescue 1

For direct donations to Red Cross and faith based local organizations…please donate now

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Hurricane Dorian devastated the people of The Bahamas… facing catastrophic damage and loss of life…
Thanks to all for the generous donations, but our assistance is still needed, Donate Now

Dorian Destruction
Dorian Refugees

The pain and suffering for the people of the Bahamas is unimaginable.

There’s no access to clean water or sanitation in many communities. Nearly all the residents of Grand Bahama and Abaco are displaced, and are struggling to find shelter


The Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama got hit with one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record. Hurricane Dorian first hit the Abaco Islands as a Category 5 storm with 185 mph winds.
with gusts up to 220 mph.

Dorian Devistation 1
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Our Sovereign Order and State has increased very significantly its Humanitarian work for 2018 in several continents, mainly our Sir Helme Antar Orphan's Program in different European countries, from Hungary to the Netherlands, from Romania to Slovakia and also in Cambodia, therefore we can all be very proud of the work done.


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2018 / 2019

Knights of Malta US announces it’s new US headquarters

KOM-Monastary Entrance
KOM-Monstary Corridor

Knights of Malta Monastery Corridor



Knights of Malta Monastery Entrance

The 900 year old Spanish Monastery, located in Miami, FL, has been adopted as our North American Western Hemisphere headquarters.

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Ambassador, Sir Manny Gonzalez goes to Washington

Ambassador of education, Sir Manny Gonzalez, headed to Washington DC for high level meeting with US Government officials

KOM-NEWS Sir Manny-1
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ST. Croix Diplomatic Mission

KOM-NEWS Jimmy Plabe 2

Two Knights of Malta (US) getting ready for flight.

KOM-NEWS Jimmy Embassador-2

The Governor being bestowed with the Knights of Malta Silver Coin for welcoming the return of The Knights of Malta to the island of St Croix.

Knights of Malta were the previous owner of The US Virgin Islands until they were sold to the US Government in 1917


Official Sterling Silver Knights of Malta Coin

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Knights of Malta ATM-Kiosk

The New Knights of Malta ATM-Kiosk that will be utilized in our Consulates and Offices in the US and US Virgin Islands. 

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